Do Not Adjust Your Dial (Ep. #18 Re-release)

Apologies strange familiars. We had some technical difficulties this morning and you might have noticed an podcast briefly go out this morning that wasn't supposed to. Just a few behind-the-scenes hiccups. We will return you to your regular programming shortly. In the meantime, here's a re-release of one of our personal favourite episodes. "Livestock are … Continue reading Do Not Adjust Your Dial (Ep. #18 Re-release)

“It’s a lot of sand”: An anthropological take on Trump’s Syrian withdrawal

That Syria has “a lot of sand” is meant to stand in for its lack of value. As a place that is sandy, it is not worth US lives; good enough for less valued Syrians and Russians but not good enough for Americans ... But it also got me thinking about a more fundamental question. Why is it that we, in the Anglo-American world, devalue ‘sand’?

Eating Iran: From the delicious to the inedible

I was having second thoughts, but pressed on safe in the knowledge that I was performing an act that would raise my esteem in the eyes of those present and help to rapidly acculturate me. Biting down on the now-charred-still-white pieces, to be sure, the flesh was not as bad as I expected. Neither good nor bad, it was remarkably neutral in taste - flavoured only with a little bit of salt and eaten with lavash bread. My guide smiled as I ate. “They say it’s good for your virility”, he chuckled, “but not even us locals really eat it that much”.