Ep. #3 The flies that bind: Assa Doron talks waste in India

In this wide-ranging conversation, Dr. Assa Doron talks about India’s waste, both liquid and solid, and the physical and institutional infrastructures that handle it--or fail to, plus the transformative effects of cheap mobile phones on India’s poor, how trash turns back into treasure, how to write anthropology that’s both “appealing and authoritative,” and where to find schnitzel on the Subcontinent.

When ‘White Privilege’ Becomes Uncomfortably Familiar

Author: Nonie Tuxen, PhD candidate in the Sociology of Education at the ANU. Nonie’s research explores youth engagement with international education and how class status is correspondingly (re)produced in Mumbai, India. Nonie is also a keen photographer - you can follow her @bombayliving on instagram. One of the unintended consequences of my fieldwork in Mumbai … Continue reading When ‘White Privilege’ Becomes Uncomfortably Familiar