Want to Contribute to the Blog?

To contribute to our weekly BLOG, please adhere to the Style Guide below and email your proposed blog post, along with a short bio, to: submissions@thefamiliarstrange.com.


  • Every post needs to be about making something strange more familiar, or about making something familiar, strange.
  • Aim to make a SINGLE point.
  • Begin with a ‘hook’: an evocative scenario, quote, news story
  • Can conclude by posing a question (be unfinished) and requesting a response/further debate
  • Personalise it: be you and make it relatable; don’t use a “we” to refer to “us anthropologists”; stay personal: I like x, I don’t like y, I struggle with z.
  • A little humor/snark can be useful
  • Use imagery if applicable
  • Avoid academic jargon wherever possible. If not possible, make sure you explain what you mean.
  • If you can, link to articles in the text – this helps to build community and also drives readers to the blog using Google’s search engine optimization tools
  • Blog posts may also speak to particular podcast episodes – so check out our fortnightly PODCASTS, where you can listen and build on or challenge ideas
  • Finally, if you can please include a digital image with your submission (to compliment your blog post)

Format & Style

We reserve editing rights. Feel free to contact us (submissions@thefamiliarstrange.com) if you have any questions. 

[Image by Julia Brown]