Ep #55 Doing Right by Others: Robert Borofsky on the Value of Anthropology

"Realistically there's many people - maybe most anthropologists - are caught up in their own world, like many people are, trying to just get ahead. That’s irrelevant. What’s relevant is that I try and do [good]. I try and move forward with it." Content Warning: This interview has mention of addictions and the rehabilitation process. … Continue reading Ep #55 Doing Right by Others: Robert Borofsky on the Value of Anthropology

Taking it Seriously: Comparing COVID-19 to malaria

The situation in which we now find ourselves in the privileged postcolonial West is a new one in the postwar period, but one that is more known to more people across the world, than not known. In these places, people know that caring about your community is often the most rational, logical thing that one can do for survival and well-being. Never is this logic more evident than now.

Beyond the Irish Border: A plague on both my houses in the time of COVID-19

Differing approaches to COVID-19 divided by the rolling hills and windy roads (of which there are many) of one of Europe’s most porous borders, have precipitated a personal sense of panic. To move, to cross at that moment would be to transit between contrasting regimes of existential risk, from caution to putative disregard. It has been hard to bear.

Ep #54: Social Duties: This month on TFS

This month on TFS, we are joined by special guests Sophie Pezzutto and Saidalavi P.C., two PhD candidates from the Australian National University. Sophie's research interests are on social media and the gig economy in relation to the transgender community, while Said is working on caste among Muslim communities in Southern India. You can check … Continue reading Ep #54: Social Duties: This month on TFS