Ep #78 Alternative Healing Practises & The Social Status of Shopping Centres: This Month on TFS

This week we’d like to introduce you to our newest Familiar Stranger, Ruonan Chen! Ruonan is currently doing her fieldwork around hospitals and healing practises in the Tibet autonomous region.  In this episode, the strangers dive into Ruonan’s work and learn more about how “healing” can take on many different forms. Ruonan describes her work and details a run in with a particularly insightful fortune teller. 

Next, familiar stranger Joe brings up the topic of shopping malls, and how certain elements are signifiers of class and social status. Alex regales us with tales of being a listless teenager heading to “Chaddy” and Carolyn describes the in-depth instagram stalking she has been doing on various shopping centres around Melbourne. 

Just a note on sound quality: We are still conducting our panels over Zoom so the internet and audio quality might not be as clear in some places. The podcast editing team is working on a solution! 

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Links and Citations:

Check out Ruonan’s work here:

Check out the book Alex mentioned here 

Read El Mall here: 

Music by Pete Dabro: dabro1.bandcamp.com
Shownotes by Matthew Phung
Podcast edited by Alex D’Aloia and Matthew Phung

Feature Image: “Finestrelles Shopping Centre” by Jorge Franganillo (2020)

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