Ep #99 The Conference Extravaganza: AAS &AAA: This month on TFS

This week we’re back with a conference extravaganza! With the AAS and AAA’s just passed, listen in to Familiar stranger Alex, Lachie, Sean and Ruonan’s thoughts! 

Alex and Ruonan attended the AAS while Lachie and Sean attended the AAA in person and virtually. 

The strangers dive into their past conference experiences, and ask the big questions like “What Tina Turner cover band gets the most anthrpologists to the dancefloor?” The Strangers more seriously ask the question of the function of conferences and what the future of conferences are. 

It was a great podcast and we’re looking forward to hearing from you about your experiences at the AAS and AAA’s! 

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Music by Pete Dabro: dabro1.bandcamp.com

Shownotes by Matthew Phung 

Podcast edited by Lachlan Summers and Matthew Phung
Feature image “Violence Against Children Conference” by UNICEF Ukraine (2019)

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