Ep#106: MeTooAnthro and the Witch Hunt trope

Trigger Warning: Please note that this episode makes mention of Sexual Assault and sexual violence.

In this episode we walk about MeToo anthropology from the lens of fieldwork and within the academy itself. 

Familiar Stranger Emma Quilty sat down with anthropologists Holly Walters and Margaret Czerwienski to talk about the MeToo collective and its incredible array of resources as well as what it means to do activist work within the academy. 

We also covered the prevalence of the witch hunt trope so often leveraged against those who make accusations against powerful individuals and institutions. Are MeToo accusations modern day witch hunts? Listen to find out.

Links and citation:s

The things we believe: Anthropology and feminism in the #MeToo era – https://anthrosource.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/fea2.12000 

A Long Journey Home: Supporting Students in the Field by Amy Hanes and Holly Walters – https://metooanthro.wordpress.com/training-guides/ 

#MeToo Anthropology and the Case Against Harvard by Holly Walters- https://www.sapiens.org/culture/metoo-anthropology/ 

MeToo Anthropology by Holly Walters – 

The Fieldwork Initiative – https://fieldworkinitiative.org/ 

Social Media links

Holly – https://twitter.com/Manigarm 

Margaret – https://twitter.com/MCzerwienski 

Emma – https://twitter.com/emmaquilty_ 

MeToo Anthro – https://twitter.com/MeTooAnthro

Feature Image: “#metoo” – by A.P Mario

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