Julia Brown

Current research: Julia’s PhD is on the experiences of people undertaking and overseeing clozapine treatment for chronic schizophrenia in Australia and the UK.

Why anthropology? Having worked in public health policy, her interest in social and health inequities as they are lived and perceived by both highly vulnerable and less vulnerable people led her to pursue ethnographic research.  As for what first sparked her anthropological thinking, it was Mary Douglas’ attention to social binaries and contradictions, which opened up for her a space of analysis less considered by cognitive, psychological or macro-sociological paradigms (Julia also holds a BSc (Psychology) and majored in sociology as well as anthropology for her BA). She is drawn to everyday nuances and now has a particular appetite for phenomenological explications.

TFS: Julia is our website Content Manager, Co-Editor and regular contributor to The Familiar Strange blog, and regular contributor to the podcast.

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                                                                                                           Photo by Teena Saulo, ANU