How to Cite us

The Monash University website provides useful advice on how to cite blogs and podcasts. These suggestions are modelled from their advice:

Subtitle: To cite a blog post (using APA Style):

Format Author, A. A. (Year, Month Day). Title of post [description of form]. Retrieved from
Example Trembath, J-L. (2017, October 25). In Academia, All You Need is Love [Web blog post]. Retrieved from

Subtitle: To cite a podcast episode (using APA Style):

Example of an interview episode:

Format Interviewer, A. A. (Year). Title of episode  [description of form]. Name of podcast. Available at: [Accessed Day Month. Year].
Example Brown, J. (2017). Talking Medical Tribes: An Interview with Dr Tanisha Jowsey. [podcast] The Familiar Strange. Available at: http://www.thefamiliarstrange/podcasts/Talking-Medical-Tribes [Accessed 30 Nov. 2017].

Example of a panel episode:

Format Panel Members (Year). Title of episode  [description of form]. Name of podcast. Available at: [Accessed Day Month. Year].
Example Pollock, I., Trembath, J., Brown, J. and Theobald, S. (2017). Now you see me: Panel Episode. [podcast] The Familiar Strange. Available at: http://www.thefamiliarstrange/podcasts/Now-You-See-Me [Accessed 22 February. 2018].

Subtitle: Intellectual Property Considerations

The Familiar Strange, including all text, audio and visual content on the website is the property of the project’s founders: Ian Pollock, Julia Brown, Simon Theobald and Jodie-Lee Trembath.

The content of blog posts and other web content is the original work of the founders, unless clearly stated otherwise.

Photographs and images on this website will always be given attribution. If the photo has been reproduced from another source using a Creative Commons license, you are welcome to reproduce it under the same licensing conditions. If the photograph is an original and you wish to reproduce or adapt it for any other purpose, please contact to seek permission and do not use the photograph or image until this permission has been granted by the photo’s creator.




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