Ep#63 Culture Shock, Storytelling, Pungent Masculinity & Rule Based Imaginations: This Month on TFS

For the panel this week we welcome Luke Corbin from Myanmar Musings and Familiar Strange alumnus Jodie Lee Trembath!  

Simon starts us off [1:31] by discussing his recent culture shock in moving to Germany from Australia. Simon thought that experiences during fieldwork and working with other cultures would have prepared him better for a rapid transition to another culture. The Strangers offered some other perspectives about culture shock and their own experiences. What about you? when you travelled for fieldwork or even moving to another country, did you experience culture shock? 

Jodie [6:41] then poses a question to the rest of the strangers, “as an anthropologist, what is story to you?” This question stemmed from Jodie’s recent obsession with the book series The Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb. The Strangers debated what even constitutes story and how different disciplines and cultures share knowledge. What do you think constitutes a story? 

Next, Luke [11:58] discusses the fastest selling cologne in the Australian perfume industry and how smell and masculinity are related in Australian culture. It might surprise you what the cologne is and what it smells like! The Strangers offer some personal anecdotes about masculinity and how it has shifted over time. What do you think? What does masculinity smell like? 

Finally, Alex [17:30] discusses the bureaucracy of play and games discussed by the late, David Graber’s in his book, The Utopia of Rules. Alex brings up how even a game based in imagination and role playing such as Dungenons and Dragons,  there are still rules that people need to follow. To play, you have to participate in bureaucracy. This leads Alex to ask the question  “Is imagination built on rules? Should we rethink conceptions of play?” 

Links and Citations 

Check out Myanmar Musings here:

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Explore the fantasy novel series Jodie has become obsessed with here

Check out the references that Luke mentioned in relation to story here:

Robert Mckee’s Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting
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Check out both the new and old Victoria Bitter ads that Alex mentioned here:

If you were curious about David Graber’s work The Utopia Of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy

Check out Alex’s blog about Dungeons and Dragons here:

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Shownotes by Matthew Phung
Podcast edited by Alex D’Aloia and Matthew Phung

Feature image “Monster Manual” by Four Bricks Tall (2020) 

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