Australian Families: Who’s Counting?

I’m writing a chapter at the moment for The Research Handbook of Global Families (due out in 2019 - stay tuned!), which is, in essence, about how families cope, adapt and sometimes collapse when they find themselves internationally ‘on the move’. As I’ve been writing it, I’ve been quizzing friends and colleagues about how they … Continue reading Australian Families: Who’s Counting?

(Just) A Primate Person

Author:  Rebecca Hendershott, PhD Candidate in Biological Anthropology at ANU.  When people ask her what this means, Rebecca says she chases monkeys through the forest. I study primates – both because they are interesting in their own right, and because they offer insight into our own species.  Each and every primate individual I’ve met has felt like … Continue reading (Just) A Primate Person

Just ‘Cause You Feel It, Doesn’t Mean…

I once went with my mum to have our Auras read. We were living in Malaysia and curious about traditional healing practices.  Our individual Chakras revealed some energy blockages. Of course, the sincere beliefs of one person can tap into another’s vulnerability or tendency toward superstition; we walked out with an excessive amount of Tourmaline … Continue reading Just ‘Cause You Feel It, Doesn’t Mean…

Fieldwork Feelings Following the Pulse Nightclub Massacre

About one year ago, on June 13th, 2016, I was in a village down the Flores coast, south of my primary field site, where I had been invited to attend a wedding. I expected I would be in that village all day, bopping around the various rituals, feasts, and celebrations, taking notes, asking questions, drinking … Continue reading Fieldwork Feelings Following the Pulse Nightclub Massacre

Ethnographers vs ‘Tourists’

Anthropologists love to compare themselves to tourists. Nothing more confirms the merit of anthropology and its commitment to ‘in-depth’ fieldwork than the cultural missteps of globetrotters – especially wealthy Western ones – as they bumble through quagmires of etiquette and faux pas in the act of rubbing up against foreign cultures across the world. Anthropologists … Continue reading Ethnographers vs ‘Tourists’

Are You an Intellectual, or a Member of the Intelligentsia?

In some ways, it’s easier than ever before to be an expert in something - YouTube can teach you almost anything you want to know. At the same time though, it’s not the best time in history to purport to be an expert, either. And in a ‘post-fact era’, where politicians can make statements like … Continue reading Are You an Intellectual, or a Member of the Intelligentsia?