Ep#103 Handwraps & Hijabs: Dr Jasmijn Rana on Kickboxing & Piety in the Netherlands

Welcome back to the Familiar Strange. 

We’re kicking off 2023 with an interview with Dr Jasmijn Rana from Leiden University. Dr Jasmijn’s research interests include, gender, race-ethnicity, religion, embodiment and movement. Jasmijn is currently (2022-2023) a Marie-Sklodowska Curie Global Fellow at University of California, Berkeley.

This week, Familiar Stranger Sean discusses Dr Rana’s latest ethnographic study “Punching Back – Gender, Religion and Belonging in Women-Only Kickboxing”. Sean and Dr Rana dive into the physical practices of femininity, physicality and how slacking is actually a good thing…kind of. 

Thank you to Dr Jasmijn Rana for taking time out of their schedule to discuss their ethnography. 

Links and Citations:

If you wanted to learn more about Dr Rana’s work check out their profile here:

Check out the Dr Rana’s ethnography here: 

Check out Saba Mahmoud’s work here:

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Music by Pete Dabro: dabro1.bandcamp.com
Shownotes by Matthew Phung 
Podcast edited by Sean Heath and Matthew Phung
Feature image “Woman kickboxer – девушка кикбоксер (By Khusen Rustamov)” by Rustamov, Khusen (2016)

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