Ep#98 Human Centered Design & “Futurising” Insights: Dr Vaike Fors on Emergent Mobility Technologies

This week, Familiar Stranger Emma conducts her first interview! Emma sat down with Dr Vaike Fors from Halmstad University. Dr Vaike Fors is a professor in design ethnography, focusing on learning in everyday life. 

In the past, Vaike has worked with Volvo as part of a number of projects in relation to user experiences with autonomous vehicles and mobility. Her work has expanded into a number of different projects, on city infrastructure as well as public transport.

It was a really interesting conversation and we had such a great time putting this together. Thank you again to Dr Vaike Fors for spending the time. 

Links and Citations:

Check out Dr Vaike Fors here: 


Check out her co-authored book here: 


Learn more about the AHA2 project mentioned here:


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Shownotes by Matthew Phung 

Podcast edited by Emma Quilty and Matthew PhungFeature image “Participation station: Which learning type are machines?” by Ars Electronica (2022)

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