Ep #96 Earthquake Temporalities & Energy Sovereignty: This Month on TFS

This month we’re joined by the latest member of The Familiar Strange, Lachlan Summers! Lachlan is currently based in Mexico city and researches the 2017 Earthquake. 

As part of this panel, we dive a bit deeper into Lachlan’s research and how he has investigated the temporalities and culture changes in Mexico city. We also touch on concepts of sovereignty, who controls what and what people mean when they say “energy sovereignty”. What do you think? Can you even have “sovereignty” over energy sources? 

It was a really interesting conversation this week and we had a great time recording! We hope you enjoy! 

Read more about Lachlan’s work here

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Music by Pete Dabro: dabro1.bandcamp.com

Shownotes by Matthew Phung

Podcast edited by Andy Fahey and Matthew Phung

Feature image “A Damaged Neighbourhood (3)” Campbell, Carl (2018)

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