Ep # 87: Squatters in The Stag: Adrian Watts on Activism & Squats

Before we dive into today’s episode we’d just like to add a content warning for this episode for sexual assault and drug use.

This week, Familiar Stranger Carolyn sits down with Adrian Watts, a PhD Candidate from the University of Melbourne. Adrian spent his fieldwork in a London squat called The Black Stag. 

Throughout this conversation, Carolyn asks questions around the lifestyle of a squatter, and Adrian helps to paint a vivid picture of the lives that the people living in the Black Stag lived. 

It was a great chat with some thought provoking ideas. 

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Music by Pete Dabro: dabro1.bandcamp.com

Shownotes by Matthew Phung

Podcast edited by Carolyn West, Alex D’Aloia and Matthew Phung

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