Ep #77 Mutual Assistance & The “Value” of the Olympics: This Month on TFS

And we’re back!

This week we’d like to introduce our newest Familiar Stranger, Joe Clifford. Joe has just completed his Masters in Development Studies from the University of Auckland!

To kick off his first panel, Joe discusses his research into the concept of Gotong Royong or mutual assistance in Indonesia. The rest of the Strangers weigh in on the place of these mutual assistance programs and how “mutual” is “mutual assistance”? How much responsibility do you think individuals should have? How much responsibility should the government take when it comes to mutual assistance?

Clair then raises the topic of the “value” of the Olympics and what it means to the host nation. The Strangers compare the Olympics of the past and how things have changed over time, especially regarding sponsorship and national pride. What do you think about the Olympics? Will you be watching?

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Music by Pete Dabro: dabro1.bandcamp.com
Shownotes by Matthew Phung
Podcast edited by Simon Theobald and Matthew Phung

Feature Image: “Tokyo tower olympic lighting” by Yamashita Yohei (2008)

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