Anthropology in the “real world”: A Roundtable Discussion About Applied Anthropology

This week we bring you a very special episode! 

Last year we collaborated with the Australian Network of Student Anthropologists, or ANSA for short and recorded their roundtable at the AAS held at the Australian National University.

The roundtable discussion featured the likes of Dr Marcus Barber, Dr Sophie Chao, Dr Jayne Curnow, Derek Elias, Bronwyn Hall and Leslie Pyne and was hosted by ANSA president Dr Hanna Jagtenberg, all of whom have a wide array of experience as anthropologists and in their professional careers. 

Throughout the roundtable, Hanna asked the guests how they got to their respective positions, some of their learnings over their careers and what sort of skills have they transferred over from their anthropological work. 

The audio quality might be a bit different from what you are used to because we recorded at a conference venue and not at our usual studio! 

Head over to ANSA’s Twitter and Facebook page and let them know you liked this collaboration! 

ANSA’s Twitter

ANSA’s Facebook

If you were interested in the panellists check out their profiles here:
Dr Marcus Barber
Dr Sophie Chao
Dr Jayne Curnow
Dr Hanna Jagtenberg

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Music by Pete Dabro:
Shownotes by Matthew Phung
Podcast edited by Alessandra Prunotto and Matthew Phung

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