The Familiar Strange

Ep. #1 Campus free speech, mundane governance, truth in politics, and creeps v. @ssholes: this month on TFS

Jodie, Simon, Julia, and Ian preview what’s coming up on The Familiar Strange blog in the coming month. On today’s show, Jodie (1:40) follows up on 2015 fracas at Yale about free speech and Halloween, in response to a discussion on Sam Harris’ podcast “Waking Up” (; Simon (7:10) takes us to Iran for a look at gender-segregated public transportation, and the ways rules unwind in authoritarian countries, original research he’ll present this week (…e-conference); Julia (12:25) reflects on conviction and openness in political speech, reacting to the departure of (former) Australian senator Jacqui Lambie; and Ian (17:55) talks about creeps, assholes, and the deeply personal process of social categorization.

This anthropology podcast is supported by the Australian Anthropological Society, the schools of Culture, History, and Language and Archaeology and Anthropology at Australian National University, and the Australian Centre for the Public Awareness of Science.

Music by Pete Dabro:

Show notes by Ian Pollock

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